Back to Basics

skippingMy first post! So here it goes….I LOVE Dubai. Just want to put that out there!! More specifically I love the fact that there are so many nice fitness centres, gyms, exercise classes and clubs out there.

Like everything else in Dubai, the sheer range of choice is a little overwhelming…….  So where to begin? Well coming from rainy England we have to begin with the basics! Stereotypical, I know but for a British person like me how can we even begin to talk about anything, anything at all without talking about the WEATHER first?!!

There may be little inclement weather here in Dubai but it is hot. Hot and humid!  I would like to run outside in the next couple of weeks so I need to acclimatise, asap!

So indoor activity it is…….. for the moment. Time to acquaint myself with my building gym.

Now its great to have a gym on site, but it is basic. 2 treadmills, 2 elliptical trainers, 2 rowing machines, 1 weight rack and a few weight machines.  Despite the fact that I no longer have to run facing the wall (UK gym) but have panoramic views of the Dubai skyline, I am hit by a revelation. Cardio is STILL BORING!!!! Worse, with an indoor temperature hovering at around 25 degrees, its hot and boring.

Time to change things up. Now a friend of mine who is into boxing suggested I try skipping. Not one to turn down the chance to try something new, I bought myself a leather jump rope, took a quick skipping (AKA jumprope ninja) youtube tutorial and away I went! Well it was an incredibly challenging and super satisfying workout. My shoulders, arms and knees ached the next day – great!

The constant concentration required to keep me from tripping up made the minutes fly by!! I’ve now permanently incorporated this into my morning workout routine twice a week:

Workout Duration 35 minutes

5 mins= warm up

6 sets of 4 mins skipping non stop, 1 min break

I’m using the batwing jumprope by Reebok. I’ts a bit heavier than a conventional skipping rope. I really cannot wait until I am strong enough to step up to the weighted jumprope. I have my heart set on the cross rope rage. It isn’t available in Dubai yet, but I will be making an international purchase soon if I make good progress!


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