Run Wild, Run Free

photo (4)I have recently incorporated skipping and bodyweight exercises into my fitness regimen. It’s been hard going at times but very rewarding. In addition to feeling fitter, I am  more toned all over. All that squatting has done wonders for my derriere and the skipping has banished that hint of ‘bingo wings’ I was developing!

Despite feeling fitter, curiously I am not feeling any leaner. In fact, I feel solid. Yes, solid. No other word to describe it. Urgh I hear you cry?!! You too have become another victim of the cursed Dubai stone?????!!!! Yes indeed. All of those wonderful breakfasts and brunches have finally begun to catch up with me.

I do believe that simultaneously reducing the frequency of eating out and upping my cardio may help me redress the balance. I have decided that it is time to venture outside to run. I feel like I have acclimatised to the weather and I do feel fitter- but I am a little nervous. It is still very hot and humid out there!

I go back to doing what I secretly enjoy…WEATHER WATCHING!! Ha! I find the day in the week with the least humidity and set out at 7am. There is a nice 5km loop just near me with a dedicated running track part of the way. Its not uncommon to  encounter  horses and peacocks en route. Which is fantastic.

photo (6)

The run went well. So well in fact I tried it again two days later. This session was ok, but a lot slower. Although the temperature was 32 degrees again, humidity was 70%!! Soaking my running kit in water before running helped keep me cool. All in all hard going but very happy to be back outside! Muffin top be gone!!!

Here is the 5km route if you fancy giving it a try. Map2Half of the route is completely away from the road. It’s very pleasant to be able to run without worrying about car drivers! If you do complete the 5k loop, I  can recommend Joga juice in DIFC as a great go to place to refuel afterwards. Freshly squeezed juices and big salads. Perfect!


One thought on “Run Wild, Run Free

  1. This is great! I live in the same area so this would really work for me. I’m still waiting for the weather to cool down a bit more before I hit the outdoors. Major props to you for actually setting out in 32 C though!

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