Bodyweight Workout, Body Beautiful

photoOk, so I’ve been skipping now 3 times a week for about 1 month. In the beginning I could hardly breathe by the time I reached set 4. Now after a bit of practice, I’m much quicker and can even knock out a few  30 second spurts of ‘double unders’. In short, feel like ‘Rocky’….. Yeay! (air punches to the film soundtrack playing in my head)!!

Now I mentioned I would like to progress to the jump rope using the cross cable but I’m still lacking in upper body strength. In short I need to get stronger. The free weights and machines are always busy in my gym -so I’ve decided to take up residence in always vacant mirrored workout space . This month, I choose  to get stronger…..I choose bodyweight exercises!

So, I’ve been scouring the net, searching for ideas. There are some charismatic and body beautiful men and women out there.  Mike Chang and Zuzana Light  have very informative channels on you tube and I like them a lot. I demoed quite a few of their suggested routines but they were way too advanced for me!

Consequently I have produced a few 20-30 minute workouts of my own, taking exercises from them and other sources. I think it is important to try hard, but not overdo it. I’m weak in certain areas and stronger in others, so modifying the exercises and creating a routine that suits me has worked well and kept me injury free.

Here is a breakdown of one of my routines that I have been doing 3 times a week:

Total workout time 30 mins

5 mins warm up then 5 sets of 

  1. 40 seconds= dumbbell twist (20s each side) 
  2. 30 seconds = wide leg squat
  3. 20 seconds =jump squat
  4. 60 seconds= jumping one-legged squat with toe touch (30s each leg)
  5. 60 seconds=back cross lunge (30s each leg)
  6. 20 seconds=mountain climbers
  7. 20 seconds=plank with leg raise (alternate raised leg)
  8. 1 minute=rest

The routines are by no means easy, and I am so focused on getting through the set that I lose track of time! Consequently I’ve invested in an interval timer called seconds pro. It is a free app for the iPhone. It’s completely customisable which is great. I quickly bought the full version so that I could save my timers.

Don’t know what it is, but there is something very Pavlovian about that timer beep! I LOVE IT!


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