Talise Fitness@Emirates Towers. Top to Toe Workout

Jumeriah Emirates Towers: Poolside

Jumeirah Emirates Towers: Poolside

Surprise, surprise. Another scorching hot morning in Dubai!. I decide that I would like to pass the day away lazing in and by the pool. Its located in my building and like the majority of residential pools in Dubai, it isn’t big enough for laps. Only doggypaddle will do…………..its my day off today and I can’t say I mind!

After procrastinating for at least an hour, I finally make it upstairs……only to find the pool drained of water??! It’s undergoing refurbishment. What? When? And why?! This is a pet hate of mine . It takes me ages to find anything in Dubai and when I do, its usually closed! For lunch, for holidays, for refurbishment, for good. Annoying!

Undeterred,  I decide to check out the neighbouring pool in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Turns out it is also possible to obtain a combined day pass for the gym, so I pack my workout kit and off I go. Well, what can I say.  On arrival its clear I have entered an Aladdin’s cave of fitness equipment! Kettlebells, TRX ropes, punching bags, medicine balls, overhead climbing frames. And rack after rack of free weights. It was almost overwhelming!! I worked out for over an hour . It’s probably worth noting that the free weights are in kg so if you are used to working in lb be prepared to undertake a little math alongside your workout! I felt super motivated and have been inspired to change up my routine in the next few weeks.

There was a small, dedicated  workout area for women too, screened by dark glass and accessible only through the ladies changing rooms. Its also worth mentioning that the whole place was absolutely immaculate. With the complimentary water, fruit, hair brush, hair ties, and use of slippers and towels I left feeling truly well looked after.

From the gym I walked across to the pool and hopped into the hot tub for a little while. The pool was nicely kept but it didn’t have that chill out vibe I was looking for. Overall, a successful sojourn! I will definitely visit this gym again soon.

Jumeriah Emirates Towers: Outside Lounge

Jumeirah Emirates Towers: Outside Lounge

Jumeriah Emirates Towers: Hot Tub

Jumeirah Emirates Towers: Hot Tub


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