Urban Yoga@XVA Gallery DIFC

Beautiful Art Galleries in DIFC

Beautiful Contemporary Art Galleries in DIFC

So, my current fitness regimen now includes one or two runs a week outside. In the last couple of days, I have been hit with some intense bouts of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). I was expecting some stiffness as its been a while since I’ve been out running, but I’m more uncomfortable than expected.

Energywise I’m also feeling a little drained, so I decide that its probably best to skip my planned  bodyweight workouts for a day or two. I feel like I need to focus on relaxing, stretching and re-energising. I’ve been meaning to try a yoga class close by, so decide to register for a session.

I have tried yoga before; namely ashtanga and hot bikram yoga. I really didn’t enjoy the former and the thought of paying to exercise in a heated room has zero appeal to me in Dubai !! Given my previous experiences, I went along to the Yogallery class with a slightly indifferent but open mind. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The session was absolutely brilliant.

The class was held in a light and spacious space  showcasing middle eastern contemporary art. Apparently the exhibited works from regional artists change every few months or so. The teacher was friendly and instructive, and had a pleasant voice. Hands up who has attempted to drown out the voice of an instructor whilst meditating?!! Or is that just me?!  Sorry, I digress. Back to the class……the hour long session was easy  to follow but challenging enough to raise the heart rate. I almost broke out into a sweat.

During the class the teacher imparted a couple of words of wisdom that really touched me. It went something like this. If we practice an action enough times we become so skillful at it that the action becomes automatic. Therefore, if we practice being joyful, this will become our default mindset. Strong and wise words spoken softly spoken.

I left feeling happy, loose and calm, having  relieved my aching muscles (including my mind).

Here is a link to the Yogallery website page. Their facebook page is really worth a visit too.  I enjoyed the session so much, I’ve already signed up for further classes.


2 thoughts on “Urban Yoga@XVA Gallery DIFC

  1. I agree…It’s a really nice area and a great space to exercise in! I don’t have my own mat but its possible to use one of their (nice new ones) for free. I’m still going to classes once a week. Might see you there?! xx

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