Flying High@Flywheel Dubai

Fitness blogAs we inch closer and closer to the cooler part of the year, my mind turns to cycling. I don’t yet own a bike, but I do hope Santa (Desert Santa) will bring me one for Christmas (getting my hints in early!!). My father is a keen cyclist and I have been lusting after his two wheels (pictured). Sadly I’m not fit enough, nor dedicated enough to cycling as a sport to justify such a purchase!

I’ve been doing bodyweight and plyometric routines for about 3 months and I’m proud of the muscle definition now visible in my legs. I’m wondering whether my stamina and overall cycling form have improved even though I haven’t biked at all since moving here.

I had intended to make use of the bike hire service at Wolfi’s, but a friend suggests I that I steer clear of the roads for now and head to Flywheel Dubai. Its a dedicated cycling fitness studio close to where I live, but to be honest, I had no idea it was there.

By nature I’m a solo exerciser, but I’m drawn to the up tempo, HIT like format of the group class. I find myself peddling like my life depends on it to move up the leader board (displayed on a large screen at the front of the class).  45 minutes later I am absolutely spent- in a good way! I feel great…….if a little embarrassed by my unashamedly competitive behaviour!

The fitness instructor was motivating, super friendly – and also good looking. Which explained why the class was full. Full of women! Ha! I really enjoyed the session but at 100AED a class, its not something I can afford to do on a super regular basis. I do intend to go back next week though!

As an aside, it’s probably  worth noting that water, towels and shoes are provided for use free of charge. There are also lockers available and 2 showers in the small but perfectly formed ladies changing rooms.


2 thoughts on “Flying High@Flywheel Dubai

  1. I forgot to mention in my post that both the flybarre and flywheel classes are free to try. I encourage you to go if you haven’t yet- its addictive! The classes start promptly so best to get there a few minutes before to get acquainted with the settings on the bike xx

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