Project Six Pack Abs

Fitness blog 036Since moving to Dubai I have fallen in love with all things fitness. I have also fallen in love with all things food!! Anyone living in Dubai will agree that  the choice, quality and sheer quantity of food on offer is mind blowing. Effort and willpower is definitely required to keep that waistline in check here!

I decided a few weeks ago to overhaul my eating habits. No more eating out everyday and indulging in sweets and treats. I did some research and devised a meal plan; 40% protein, 30% fats, 30% carbs. This roughly translates into a diet of porridge, eggs, chicken, veggies. Porridge, eggs, chicken, veggies…….. And then to mix things up a bit…. eggs, veggies, porridge, chicken!!

I’ve been following this meal plan for almost 4 weeks- its been tough but the results so far have been dramatic.  I haven’t lost more than 2lb, but my abs have emerged from under their fat blanket!! I am visibly leaner and more toned all over and have a six pack!! Did I mention I have a six pack?!!! I feel great. Despite this, I never want to look at or eat another piece of chicken again!! I’ve been thinking about Cornish pasties for two days straight so I think its perhaps time to loosen the reigns and be a little less strict!

I can’t stay on this diet forever, but at the same time I want to be able to stick as closely as possible to this approach; clean, healthy eating. In other words, I want to eat high protein, low carb and reasonably low fat takeouts and restaurant meals.

Next challenge-……………………………where best to do this in Dubai?

Luckily, there are lots of  healthful options for lunch. Freshly squeezed juices, tailor made salads and soups are easy to find. Joga, Freshii, Dubai Garden Centre (pictured) and the limetree cafe are four of my favourites. Superb! However, dinner options- or more specifically nighttime dining options appear more limited.

Korea and Japan are famed for their high protein low fat cuisine and there are some fantastic restaurants In Dubai. Bentoya and Sonamu are two of my firm favourites……but where else? I’m really struggling……any ideas about where you can you go for a nice meal without over indulging? I really would like to try some healthy middle eastern cuisine (beyond the ubiquitous shawarma, tabbouleh and hummus).

Really interested in your suggestions! Otherwise, I’m doomed to stay in for dinner and eat chicken for eternity! Noooooooo


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