The Super Juicer!

watermelon juiceBefore I moved to Dubai, I was given a small juicer which I loved to death. Literally. The poor machine was used to make apple and carrot juice so often its inner parts stopped turning!

I resolved to buy a more durable replacement but only got round to seriously looking a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that it’s incredibly difficult to source a masticating juicer in Dubai. I couldn’t find what I wanted for anything less than 3000AED!!!

So I did a little research, asked for some recommendations and eventually bought the Philips 1871 model from Coop. The price was incredibly good (699), 200AED cheaper than Carrefour and Sharaf DG. I wasn’t expecting to juice more than carrots with it, but it turns out this particular model is powerful enough to juice spinach, broccoli stems and skin on fresh beetroot!

I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting with different juicing combinations and I feel a lot better healthwise for taking on nutrients in this way. Its been fun to load up the trolley with enough fruit and veg to feed a small army – to the bemusement of fellow shoppers!!

Anyone else juicing regularly? Would love to hear your stories or exchange recipes! Watermelon and passion fruit (pictured) is my favourite combination for this week 🙂


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