Frozen Fruit Desert with Yonanas

yonanas makerI’ve been juicing regularly, eating salads for lunch and chicken with vegetables for dinner. I guess I should feel virtuous and full of energy but sadly I don’t. I’m convinced  this is because I’m a little too well acquainted with chocolate. Are you a Dairy  Milk or Galaxy girl I hear you ask? Well, I’m not either!! Purely because I’m not that picky-  I buy and eat both…at the same time!!!! I also keep a stash of dark chocolate in the fridge….Shame on me.

I was offered a sample of something cool and sweet at a yonanas demonstration stand. Yes- I will also eat anything that is given to me if it is a free sample! Double shame on me!! Anyway, I found the sample yummy.  It was so thick and creamy I actually thought  I was trying yogurt. Turns out it was just frozen fruit!

I made it my mission to track down and buy the Yonanas ice cream maker machine.  After traipsing around Carrefour, Sharaf DG and the like and coming out empty-handed, I resorted to ordering the machine online. It arrived today and I’ve been putting all manner of frozen fruit through it (pineapple and banana combination pictured).

Its early days but I may have found a more healthy alternative to my beloved chocolate! No dairy, no added sugar- I feel more virtuous already!!


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