Power Yoga @ Gems of Yoga

gems of yogaAfter gaining a basic understanding of yoga moves through attending yoga sessions at XVA gallery, I felt the time was right to seek out  a more physically challenging class.

A friend of mine suggested I try Gems of Yoga for a no frills, practice focused experience. After a bit of searching around on the internet I found the studio website and resolved to give Power Yoga a try.

It was easy to find the studio- a short 5 minutes walk away from Emirates Tower Station. I was prepared for the no frills element so the studio appearance was fine with me. Most importantly the place was clean and the people were super friendly! There were no other students in the studio when I arrived for class, so I had a one on one session with the instructor. I did feel a little self-conscious to begin with, but soon settled into the 60 minute class. I have to say that my experience was amazing.

The lesson itself focused on two sequences which involved a nice mix of flowing and holding poses. 10 minutes in I was perspiring heavily (erm sweating!) and feeling well warmed up!  I found some of the positions very challenging-but  in a good way and could see straight away that with a bit of practice I would be able to improve my core strength and flexibility.

For those of you who have read my other blog entries, I am a lover of bodyweight and plyometric exercises to improve core strength. Curiously, this session seemed to work my core muscles more than any of the other high intensity routines I’ve done!

At the end of the class I had that amazing euphoric feeling after a really good workout and  promised myself to return. Sadly I haven’t yet been back, purely because I personally found the 100AED cost for a single session prohibitive. To be fair, Gems offer a monthly package of 10 power Yoga classes for 650AED bringing the cost down to 65AED a session. Personally, I couldn’t commit to that many sessions a month as I like to vary my routine.

To conclude- If you are looking for a no frills yoga classes that offer one on one support and physically challenge you, do give this place a try! Definitely a Gem of Dubai!


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