Hunting for Herbs in Dubai


I’ve been juicing 3 times a day and getting through about 1.5kg of apples, carrots, cucumber and beetroot each a week. These go into the juicer with the skin on, so its important that they are free from mould and other bacteria. I’ve found that the Dubai heat makes it challenging  in particular to stop the celery, carrots and cucumber from prematurely spoiling.

veggie wash

I stumbled upon this great food wash from the Co-op . It removes  surface bacteria and has extended the life of my food by about 2-3 days.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for my herbs. I buy mint, parsley and coriander and by day 3 they have turned brown. By days 4-6 they have disintegrated into slimy mush!! Absolutely horrid! I’ve tried freezing the herbs instead but but they end up limp and look unappetising when they defrost. They also take up space in the freezer and make a mess.

I  decided to have a go at growing potted herbs. I wanted to buy basil, wheatgrass, coriander, parsley, mint, mixed salad, spinach and spaghetti squash seeds. I was disappointed to find just oregano and parsley in seed form – and I looked everywhere. In the end I used this as another excuse to head down to the Dubai Garden Centre on SZR (love this place!!) and purchased a selection of ready potted herbs.

They were reasonably priced (between 9-30AED each) and in good condition. Weirdly my kitten went wild for the spearmint and parsley.  So much so that I couldn’t distract him enough to take a decent cover photo!!

I couldn’t find wheatgrass or spaghetti squash seeds at the garden centre. When I find them in Dubai I will let you know!


One thought on “Hunting for Herbs in Dubai

  1. LOL I prefer fruit and veggies that spoil, as in they’re not sprayed with as much pesticides and chemicals to one’s that don’t. I traveled once and came back to an apple that looked as fresh as new after 3 weeks- that’s just wrong! But I get your pain, you have to constantly be shopping for fresh goodies here!

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