Fitness First Running Club @ Safa Park

When the weather in Dubai was baking hot I was desperate to run outside.  Now I am lacking the motivation to make the most of the cooler climate. Typical!!!

I was looking forward to attending  Nike Run Club again this year. I went along to the first session in October at Safa Park which was great- but haven’t heard much from them since then! Its a real shame to lose the regular sessions they were holding Downtown.

In order to  kickstart myself into action,  I decide to try the new running club by Fitness First Middle East. Its FREE -I love free!! and the sessions are held at Safa Park, Dubai Creek and Motor City. I pick the Sunday session at Safa Park to try. Non Fitness First Members are required  to pre-register to collect a running guide and record card. I attempt do this on the day  at one of the branches but am met with that quizzical gaze so often encountered in Dubai……The club staff have no idea their company have launched a running club!!

In the end I resolve to just to turn up! By the evening, the weather is stormy and cool- perfect for running. I’m really excited to  meet new people so I arrive early at 6.10pm and get chatting to some others. Before I know it its 7pm but no sign of Fitness First! 7.15 rolls on by and in the end I do two laps of the park with some fellow disappointed runners and then head home.  Epic FAIL Fitness First!


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