Wheatgrass in Dubai

wheatgrass seedsAfter looking in the large supermarkets, health food shops and also the Garden Centre on SZR, I still couldn’t find wheatgrass- fresh or in seed form.

I’m a regular visitor to the  juicemaster shop in Dubai Mall and remembered that they sell fresh wheatgrass juice . I decide to try my luck and ask them for the details of their supplier. Amazingly, they give me the contact Al Noor Al Akhdhar in Sharjah and I promptly place an order.

The prices were incredibly reasonable;  50AED for the wheatgrass,10AED for the tray and 50AED for 1 kg of seeds (all pictured). I picked up my delivery from a friendly driver in  Dubai Mall car park (ha ha very secret and undercover) though if you spend 200AED they do deliver to you door.

Both myself and kitty are very happy. I can make wheatgrass juice and he can munch on some for a treat!

If you want to place an order call 0508406006 or email md@alnoorwheatgrass.com


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